Ready to GROW Your Healthcare Staffing Firm into a Profitable Powerhouse?

Ready to GROW Your Healthcare Staffing Firm into a Profitable Powerhouse?

The GROWTH Accelerator Bootcamp is a power-packed growth asset and guide that will help you to exponentially grow your firm in record time!

You Can't Read the Label from Inside the Box

So many emerging, and even established, healthcare staffing firm owners are stuck because they just don't know what they don't know. They're trying to build their legacy (their business) on a foundation that's like quicksand.

After helping launch over 150 healthcare staffing firms in the past year alone, there are 2 big problems I've seen over and over again.

Lack of Confidence

Many healthcare staffing firm owners struggle to grow because they lack confidence. They don't believe in themselves, they don't believe in their own abilities, and they don't believe in the processes (or lack of them) that they use in their business.

Lack of Strategy

Compounded with no confidence, is no growth strategy. They're searching for the next steps to grow their firm, they need clients, and they want consistent results, but without the proper strategy they are constantly "throwing spaghetti against the wall" and staying stuck.

Do any of these ring true for you?

  • You've already launched your healthcare staffing firm but you're stuck trying to figure out how to grow.
  • You're currently earning less than $250K per year in your healthcare staffing firm.
  • You're ready to get more clients and generate more revenue but aren't sure how to do it.
  • You have huge revenue goals for your healthcare staffing firm and need a well designed strategy to get you there.
  • You're ready to confidently grow your healthcare staffing firm but are tired of trying to figure out how to scale to the next level.

Here's the Real Truth...

Scaleable growth...

It's possible to grow your healthcare staffing firm in record time with the right tools and guidance.

Consistent revenue...

You don't have to stay stuck and overwhelmed. With the right strategy, consistent revenues are inevitable.

Ability to thrive...

With the right foundation in place, you can go from dreaming about your firm expanding, to creating it.

It's not rocket science and it doesn't have to be difficult BUT...

It's time to stop trying to do all it alone.

Undoubtedly, healthcare staffing is in DEMAND.


This year, we set out to support  10 entrepreneurs to make their first 7 figures in healthcare staffing (actually probably their first 7 figures in any business).

When I taught this class earlier this year, EVERY participant signed a new client.

Yes, a 100% success rate!

Exciting, Right?

BUT let's put first things first.

Even though the industry is BOOMING-

You can only GROW what's working.

Launch, Grow, Thrive is an effective and PROVEN framework for creating profitable healthcare staffing firms. And you now have access to my 40,000+ hours and 15+ years of experience in the healthcare staffing industry.

So let me ask you...

Are you prepared to do what it takes to GROW your healthcare staffing firm?

Do you want the confidence to get clients?

Are you ready to create a custom growth strategy for your firm?

Do you feel called to this industry?

Are you ready to break the barriers between your staffing firm & your potential clients?

Are you prepared to invest in specialized knowledge?

Do you NEED clients?

IF you answered YES! to any of those, keep reading!

The GROWTH Accelerator Bootcamp is a power-packed learning and implementation digital asset that will help you exponentially grow your firm in record time!

First let me begin by saying thank you for your professional sessions to help catapult my business to the next level. Nicole was very informative and offered great resources. She exceeded my expectations while making the experience one to remember.  I am thankful for the assistance with professional development,  focusing on business structure, and overall company etiquette. I would recommend her to anyone that is looking to get to the next level!

~ Colleen Stephens, CEO of Integral Medical Staffing

The Growth Accelerator Bootcamp is a premier opportunity to gain access to the information needed to grow your healthcare staffing agency beyond your current operations.

You've tried all of the other systems and strategies.

None have produced the results you desire. I've been there and that's why you're here!

The Growth Accelerator Bootcamp gives you access to the exact same strategies, resources, and tools I cultivated to scale my firm nationally within 36 months of inception.

Not only will you have access to this information, but you will also learn how to implement them into your own healthcare staffing firm.

You will be able to pinpoint the areas of opportunity within your business and build a bridge from where you are today, to the growth and success you are working so hard to achieve.

You'll also dive deep into your business and design your proprietary growth plan specifically for your business.

This plan will include measurable milestones strategically designed to scale your healthcare staffing firm.

Empowered to Be Your Own Bank

In order to grow successfully, you don't just need more information, you need REVELATION, because that's when real transformation takes place.

The Growth Accelerator Bootcamp will require a shift in mindset as well as flexibility and willingness to change your current process.

Your motivation and commitment will be essential in making pivotal changes that will grow your business.

Here's What You'll Get Inside the GROWTH Accelerator Bootcamp


Growth Accelerator Playbook

This is your trusted guide as you go through the Bootcamp. It includes Nicole's exclusive 7-Figure Profit Formula. Print it, review it, and use it daily to stay focused and on track with your growth plan.

Mindset for Growth Training

Mindset is everything. In this training you'll work on your mind and how you think about growth. Lack of confidence is one of the biggest problems keeping staffing firm owners from growing. This training will give you the confidence you need to take your firm to six-figure profits.

4 Stages of Growth Masterclass

You'll learn Nicole's growth framework which includes the 4 stages of growth and how to move through each stage with ease. You'll also learn the top 3 growth strategies and when to implement them.

Lead Generation Strategies Training and Flow Diagrams

Lead generation and prospecting are a huge part of growing your firm. You'll dive deeper into the top 3 lead generation strategies that you can start using right now to get new clients. Plus a bonus 4th strategy you can add to your toolbox.

Sample Prospecting Call Recordings

Watch as Nicole takes staffing firm owners through prospecting call role playing calls as well as actual live prospecting calls. The wisdom you'll gain from these real-time prospecting calls is priceless.

Prospecting Call Scripts

Get the exact scripts that Nicole has used in her own staffing firm. These scripts have also been used by staffing firm owners who have used the Launch, Grow, Thrive framework to grow their staffing firms to 6-7 figure revenue.

Overcoming Common Objections Scripts

These scripts will give  you added confidence for your prospecting calls and lead generation.

Warm Leads Email Follow-up Script

You've heard "the fortune is in the follow-up". Use the warm leads email follow-up script to stay top-of-mind with your prospects and close clients consistently.

5 Staffing Agency Interviews + Growth Analyses

There's nothing like learning from other people's experience. These 5 intimate interviews with staffing firm owners who have been through the Launch, Grow, Thrive programs are a treasure chest of information and revelation. Nicole then takes the interviews and does an in depth growth analysis of each one to offer further insight for you to use as you grow your own firm.

6 Months Access to the Private Content Area

All of the content for the Growth Accelerator Bootcamp is housed in a private content area. You'll have everything you need in 1 place.

6 Months Access to Private Peer Group

The Growth Accelerator Bootcamp peer group is a safe place for you to exchange wisdom, insight, and accountability with fellow members as you implement the strategies you learn.

Get the GROWTH Accelerator Bootcamp

Growth Accelerator Bootcamp is for current staffing firm owners only. You must have already launched your firm. 

*This is not a LIVE training. You have on-demand access to all video and audio recordings, scripts, and other documents.

  • Growth Accelerator Playbook
  • Mindset for Growth Module
  • 4 Stages of Growth Masterclass
  • Lead Generation Training + Diagrams
  • Sample Prospecting Call Recordings
  • Prospecting Call Scripts
  • Overcoming Objections Script
  • Warm Leads Email Follow-up Script
  • Agency Interviews + Growth Analyses
  • 6 Months Access to Content Area
  • 6 Months Access to Private Group

Total Value = $4,997

Today's Offer = $1,997

(all sales are final)

Some of the Brands We've Helped Launch, Grow, & Thrive

Hi Nicole,

First off, I would like to thank you for giving me this opportunity to realize my dream and follow my passion.

To say that the program has been beneficial for me, would be an understatement. It has been nothing short of a game changer.

You delivered on your promise to help me launch my agency in 30 days! Not only that, you gave additional tools to help grow the business after launching.

Your commitment and integrity speaks volumes.

I would absolutely recommend your program to anyone I know that is looking to make a paradigm shift in their lives and businesses.

~ Jean, Founder and CEO, Allied Staffing Solution

First, I must say, I started out skeptical about your program. Our first conversation made me know you were confident and knowledgeable in your field. So I signed up.

By the end of the first class, I knew I had made the right decision. I have wanted for years to open my own business, but wanted to wait until something resonated with me, to ignite a passion within me.

There was a lot information presented in the class, but you show patience and answered questions an a level we can all understand. 1 week after joining the class, I started having health issues and started having a feeling of defeat.

By the third class, I started thinking to myself, I will not be able to pull this off by February. But, that night when I felt like giving up, I received an IM from you asking me how I was doing. You will never know how much that meant to me.

Your program has a personal touch like no other. You were there to cheer us on every step of the way. During our conversation what resounded with me was ” as long as you are moving forward, you are moving”, “just keep moving and tweaking, not perfection- progress”.

That changed my perception and motivated me. I started setting small weekly goals, and before I could think twice, I was at the finish line. I started out with the goal to open up in March. The first class you asked why not February. I reluctantly agreed. I was able to launch in January!

Your support to your students is priceless. You have a special gift, and that is to motivate and inspire.

Thank you Nicole for sharing your wealth of knowledge and allowing us to accomplish our dreams, under your umbrella :-)). I trusted the process. You are truly a blessing.

~ Andria W Haye, Founder and CEO, Essential Healthcare Staffing Agency

Nicole is a passionate business leader with a deep conviction about the true value of purpose. She has an extraordinary ability to recognize other people’s entrepreneurial genius and provide the exact tools and know-how to help you be authentically successful and build real wealth. I am privileged to know Nicole and would invite others reading this not to hesitate to seek out a VIP Day with Nicole or join her Mastermind if you truly want to move forward. If you’ve been looking for someone who has the personal and financial results to show for what they’ve been “preaching” – then, look no further than Nicole. She walks her talk 100%!

~ Priya Devalia, Founder, Extreme Breakthrough™

With Nicole’s mentorship and step-by-step guidance, my vision for being an entrepreneur became reality. I gained more than just the knowledge of how healthcare staffing works, I also gained the skills needed to ensure my agency succeeds. Using the methods Nicole taught me, I signed a corporate contract providing staff for 88 facilities statewide on my first try!!!  It’s almost unbelievable!!! Robinson Success System has totally transformed my life. I’d recommend this to anyone looking to transition into working for themselves.

~ Brandy G., Amity Healthcare Staffing

My name is Christi owner of Sparrow Staffing Services, LLC. I am a nurse and had dreamed of owning my own business. I had been in the education arena but needed a more sustainable income.

My journey to open a staffing agency began when I entered into Nicole’s VIP sessions. Nicole prepared weekly sessions and coached me with each sequential step to open my staffing agency. Nicole’s expertise brings more value than money can state.

The week before my final session with Nicole, I had a signed contract. This specific contract was signed because Nicole had coached me through calling a facility and “hearing what their needs were”. Nicole specifically talked with me about caring about people more than a signed contract. Her genuine passion for this industry was displayed in every word she taught.

I can not thank Nicole enough for encouraging and coaching me into my own staffing agency. I highly recommend Nicole’s VIP sessions. The value far supersedes the monetary amount.

~ Christi N., Sparrow Staffing Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Growth Accelerator Bootcamp best suited for?

The Growth Accelerator Bootcamp is designed for highly motivated healthcare staffing agency owners who are interested in growing their agency and are also comfortable with self-study and committed to implementation of the provided strategies and resources on their own.

How long will it take to grow my firm?

This Bootcamp is self- paced and the actual time will depend on the implementation of each individual student.

Do you offer home health, sitter, companion, or other staffing?

No. This program is specifically designed for supplemental staffing of Registered Nurses, Licensed Nurses, and Nursing Assistants or allied health. This means your staffing firm is supporting healthcare facilities (hospitals, long term care, skilled nursing, assisted living, physical rehabs, etc) with supplemental staffing.

Will Nicole mentor me privately?

Private mentorship is reserved for established healthcare staffing firm owners ready to grow their existing firm or established professionals interested in adding staffing into their existing business model. Private mentorship sessions are available via application and begin at $10K.

Can you guarantee my results in this industry?

The staffing industry is a billion-dollar industry. Like anything else, your results will depend on your individual efforts and commitment to your healthcare staffing firm. We cannot guarantee your results. We can assure you that there is a market for healthcare staffing throughout the United States. You significantly increase your chances of success by accessing the wisdom embedded in this curriculum by someone whose invested over 40,000 hours in this arena and helped launch over 150 firms.

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